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We believe that everyone can embark on a development journey, however it is taking the first steps that can be the hardest part. We partner with you to assist in reaching your real-estate related goals in both development and investment.

Our Services

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Investment Management

Investors benefit from participating earlier than the typical offerings in the market to profit alongside the developers. Azure is a recipient of the 2023 Top 10 Real Estate Investment Companies in Canada award.

Common Challenges
  • Market fluctuations
  • Interest rate and cost volatility
  • Projects not being approved
Our Solutions
  • Land value optimization
  • Highly conservative modelling and forecasting
  • Robust pre-application process that aligns with the city's goals.
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Development Discovery

We are here to help with your investment goals, through taking advantage of the dynamic, but overwhelming real estate market. Let us manage the clutter, to allow you to make a difficult informed decision with confidence.

Common Challenges
  • Unsure if designs reach full potential.
  • Failure to recognize the true cost of a project.
  • Have an existing property but unsure how to add value.
Our Solutions
  • Complete land analysis to achieve highest and best use.
  • Recognizing when and how much cash is needed.
  • Creating wealth through a property cycle.

Architectural Design

With innovative space planning, cost-conscious creativity, and regulatory expertise, we ensure that your architectural aspirations not only come to life but also exceed expectations.

Common Challenges
  • Many projects struggle with efficiently using available space while meeting design aesthetics and functionality.
  • Staying within budget without compromising design quality can be a significant hurdle.
  • Navigating complex regulations and codes while maintaining design integrity can be a daunting task.
Our Solutions
  • Our team excels in optimizing space, ensuring every square foot serves a purpose, without sacrificing design creativity.
  • We blend creativity with cost-consciousness, delivering designs that are both visionary and budget-friendly.
  • With in-depth knowledge of regulations, we ensure designs not only meet codes but also exceed expectations, creating spaces that inspire and comply.
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Development Management

We are here to ensure you’re not solely relying on your consultants group to maximize the density and profit of your development, through our proven ability to uncover value where it is most commonly missed.

Common Challenges
  • Challenging sites, large rocks, slopes or difficult terrain.
  • Designing properties without development in mind.
  • Designing properties without construction in mind.
Our Solutions
  • Better value sites, for better returns.
  • Designs that maximize the potential yield.
  • Ensuring tender packages are complete.
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Land Acquisition

We have a twelve-step system to quickly identify the right development parcel for each individual buyer with respect to; size, land use, complexity, and profitability.

Common Challenges
  • Failure to recognize land’s full potential.
  • Unsure if the correct opportunities are available.
  • Not sure if the risk is too high.
Our Solutions
  • Ability to quickly create schematic designs.
  • Keen eye for recognizing the land’s potential.
  • Constantly researching the market.
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General Contracting

Through our in-house technical know how, we have the ability to make adjustments to construction practices on the fly to ensure your project is not only on budget but, often saving a large portion of your finances.

Common Challenges
  • Finding that the design is too expensive to build.
  • Lack of communication between designer and builder.
  • Lack of expertise when quick design changes are needed onsite.
Our Solutions
  • General contractors that act as designers & foremen.
  • Trusted by banks.
  • Experience in every stage of the design & construction.

Our Development Process

Your Home and Ours, Built from the ground up

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Initial Design & Planning

Our in-house design team works creating a design that maximizes the land whilst creating desirable homes and communities.

Development Permits

Once we have an initial layout in place, we work with our chosen contractors and relevant city on approval for the development.


Design Development

Working together with the contractors, being considerate of the city's vision, we finalize the designs.

Construction Documents

We go through the plans with great detail, ensuring each element of the design is construction-ready.

Tender & Bidding

Construction Phases

Our management team oversees and inspects all aspects of work during their installation and upon completion. Whether it's at the excavation and foundation stages or during the final finishing, visible or not, all aspects of construction are handled with extreme care and craftsmanship.

Post Construction

Working With only the most trusted and experienced partners

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